Repertory of Knowledge

Many unknown and marginalized grandfathers and grandmothers from different branches of IK came forward to share their knowledge in all these attempts.Neelakanta Kartha (Toxicologist), Kochu Pennu (Gynaecologist), Elichetathi (Grandma Medicine), Malayan Kunjan (Tribal Medicine Man), Kochukuttan ( IK about fish), Karthiayani Amma (Expert in Folk songs), Raman Panikkar (Kol farming),

Ouseph Chakkamban (Ethno veterinary expert), Patha (Ethno botanist), Vasu (Sea lorist), Subhadra V. Nair (Expert in indigenous food items), Narayani Amma (who talks about the details of floods), Velayudhan (Black smith) are some of them. All these are documented in the Centre. Those who wrote down all these matters were house wives, children and youngsters.

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