Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge (“Nattarivu” in Malayalam language, IK) is the total achievements traditionally attained in every field by the local people in each place. Collectively each tribal group expresses itself and the signs of culture through it.

Performances, mythology, handicrafts, and rituals represent the whole cultural scenario of the society.The present day studies have an advanced perspective in this matter in order to have a sustainable development.

IK is the accumulated information, and philosophy of life acquired by the local people in each place and country observing the practical effect of everything when they lived in tune with nature.

For the survival of each and every living being we need the sustained practice of the concept

of bio-independence.IK is the marginalised truth and till now ignored, and its history is its struggle against the aggressive attitude by the written history, and institutionalised organisations.

The enquiry into the terrain of IK started on realising the ‘nature exploiting’ attitude of developmental processes of the modern research. The practising knowledge of the tribals and aborigines from time immemorial. Traditionally transmitted knowledge about plants, their medicinal and other uses and also their cultural significance

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