Yantra, Mantra, Tantra

Yantra, Mantra, Tantra
MANTRA, YANTRA AND TANTRA 1 MANTRA- THE MAGIC OF SOUND While its no surprise that Mantra Meditation reduces stress, researchers now show that using Mantra Meditation to reach a higher state of consciousness may help unclog arteries. African Americans with high blood pressure who practiced meditation for six months saw a .098 decrease in fatty buildup in arterial wall, compared with an increase of 0.54 mm among folks who simply tried to change their diet and lifestyle. Getting results takes some effort. First you need to learn to meditate, which can take hours and then you should do it for 20 minutes each morning and evening. Time Magazine March 13, 2000 What is a Mantra? Mantra means sacred utterance in Sanskrit, and this Spiritual Knowledge was bestowed to Masters and Gurus by superior Cosmic Force. It is generally a word with sacred meaning or a set of words. To understand how a Mantra works, we must first understand sound. Sound is used for communication by most life forms and the term is derived from the Greek word Akoustos. It is a change in vibrations from equilibrium proliferating through a resilient medium. Sensory reception or perception is how an organism detects and responds to sound externally or internally. Unicellular organisms have specialized organelles, which respond to sound. The sensory perception of higher life forms is sensory neurons, which transmit stimulus of electrochemical activity to the nerves and these impulses are transmitted to the brain, where they are processed and interpreted. Noise is irregular sound waves and music, normal conversation etc have regular sound waves. This irregularity is what causes reactions to the listener. Birds and animals have certain tones, pitch etc to communicate various emotions. The crying infant is soothed by sounds that cater reassurance and comfort, and an angry and bitter man is never in peace and has different mental and physical disorders. We are part of a chemical chain where gases and secretions are part of creation, preservation and destruction. Every aspect pre determines the state of chemical activity, and can be felt within us, and the World. Mantras are sounds that trigger electrochemical activity in mind and body opening perceptions, and opens mind and body to awareness and super consciousness. Pure sound resounds with harmony, and Mantras are an evolved way of using this force. The most powerful Mantra is Aum. Omkar or this sound emanated from supreme silence and is called Nada Brahman, the sound aspect of God. Out of this Primeval Sound, manifested all creations, and are composed of five elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. OM is known as Pranava – Prana or life.

The learner begins by chanting to get the correct pronunciations that are very important in creating harmonious sound waves. This Technique is known as Vaikhari. The second aspect is Madhyama, and incantation is not heard but the lips move silently. This is the phase of sound and silence and Mantra is churned in the larynx. Pashyanti is soundless stage and Mantra is hummed in the mind. Para is when chanting of Mantra ceases but resounds within, creating positive vibrations, and is beginning of spiritual growth when affirmative vibrations are endowed within mind and body. YANTRA-MAGICAL SYMBOLS Mantra is positive sound and Yantra is positive shape or diagram. Among many sacred symbols, the Yantra reigns supreme in design and worship. It is geometric design representing the consecrated energy and five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky) and is painted, drawn or engraved on bronze, steel, silver, gold, copper, paper, crystal, birch, Saligrama and lead etc. The design harbors positive force that is further strengthened with Mantra and Tantric Mudras, rendering Divine, Positive and Healing Vibrations. Yantras are also used in Temples to consecrate and preserve Cosmic Energies. This geometric cryptogram becomes a energy focussing point of specific deities.The design, Mantra and worship should be intense, natural and pure, and the Yantra becomes part of the worshipper, protecting and opening new realms of super consciousness. A few important Yantras are- Sri Yantra, Sri Mangal Yantra, Sri Ganesha Yantra, Sri Nav Graha Yantra, Sri Kubera Yantra, Sri Saraswati Yantra, Sri Kali Yantra, Sri Bagalamukhi Yantra, Sri Lakshmi Yantra, Sri Shani Yantra etc. Sri Yantra is perhaps the most revered and the geometric pattern is believed to be sound waves of Aum, and symbolises the female creative aspect of this sacred sound. Two main forms are Bhu and Meru. Bhu is flat and two dimensional, and Meru is in shape of a pyramid.During worship Yantra is generally placed on a Peetham or pedestal. Before Poojas commence the Cosmic Energy in Yantra is awakened through Pranapratishta. Initiation into Sri Vidya begins by installing 35 Tattvas into the Yantra giving it physical and subtle body (Antahkarana)

TANTRA- Fusion of sex and spirituality

Tantra ia an ancient Indian method of converting sexual energy to spirituality. All faculties are stretched to maximum levels to absorb Cosmic Energies Tantra uses sex as an experiene to awaken senses and experience higher levels of awareness.This path awakens physical and mental aspects of the aspirant. The body becomes a Temple and preservation of life, destruction of disease causing toxins and negative elements and creation of unlimited possibilities begins. Pure sexual union creates dynamic energies and chemistry to awaken physical and mental faculties. The techniques are not physical postures or gyrations. It is based on natural love making, touching areas which sexually stimulates which discharge different chemical externally and internally. The initiation is through a Guru or Master and involves incantations, meditation, Poojas and Mantras. Incantations is to realize the Divine existing within, Mantras through sound unfolds chemical changes and manifests vitality and strength, Poogas are to awaken Shiva and Shakthi and meditation to raise awareness and consciousness. With Tantra love making becomes meditation and when orgasm happens all energy centers in the body and mind opens creating union with super consciousness. Tantra practisoners do not get into an altered state of mind but to a higher state of perception. Naveen Chandran R nchandran1@hotmail.com
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