How to publish a comment in Malayalam
(മലയാളത്തില്‍ എങ്ങനെ കമന്റുകള്‍ ഇടാം?)

There are few easy methods using which you can add a Malayalam response in Unicode to an article published in

1. Using Mozhimaattom (മൊഴിമാറ്റം)
(Puzha's own web interface to Varamozhi transliteration programs)

Click here to access this web utility. Using this you can convert text in Manglish (typically typed in directly), or content already created using ASCII fonts.

Cut-paste the Malayalam text to fields in response form.

2. Using Google Indic Transliteration

Another online tool to prepare matter in Malayalam using the Manglish scheme. Click here to access the tool.

3. Using Varamozhi Text Editor

Download 'Varamozhi Text Editor' and prepare the comment. Its a very easy to use software which helps you to type in 'Manglish' and convert it to Malayalam. Export the preapred comment to unicode and copy and paste it in the response form.

Click here to download Varamozhi Malayalam Editor

Click here for help for Varamozhi installation and user support

Note: Export to UTF8/ Unicode (check the options in File Menu of Varamozhi) is required to post the comment with unicode option.

4. Using Mozhi Keyman

Using this keyboard switch you can directly input Malayalam text in Unicode. Ideal if you need to compose short text.

Click here for help for Mozhi Keymap Installation

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