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How to Search the Bookstore?        Go Top

What are the General Search features?

There are a number of ways you can locate the books you want. The listing in the left pane of every web page has the broad categories listed. All the books in a category can be listed by clicking on the related link. 'Browse Subjects' link will take you to a page where all the sub-categories are also listed.

You can search for a particular book title or author’s name by typing the string fully or partially in the search box; both in English and Malayalam (using Chowara font).

How to Search in Malayalam?          Go Top

You can download Chowara Malayalam word processor, which is developed by to promote local language over the web, assuming no knowledge in Malayalam typing. You can make keywords (for example, author or book's name) and copy and paste it in the search boxes. The search results will bring you all matches in Malayalam. The software can be downloaded at

Do I get a complete list of books available in the bookstore?

Yes, a complete list of books in html format is available for download at This catalogue has information about more than 7000 books along with author's name  and price of the books.

For directions on ordering titles from this catalogue, click here             GoTop

How to buy books?

There are two ways to buy books from Puzha Books:

  • through the online bookstore using the shopping cart
  • selecting titles from the catalogue and put an order through email.

Online Bookstore:

Link to Puzha Books is  You can purchase books from online bookstore in three easy steps.


Select a book browsing the categories and using search utilities. For every book, you will see a short description in ‘Book Details’, reviews at ‘More Details’, author information and customer reviews along with the book’s price. After selecting the book of your choice, click on 'Add to the Cart' link provided next to the book details. Then the book gets added    to your shopping cart, which is located at the top right hand corner of your web page. Keep adding the books as per your choice, which will be added to your shopping cart.

Step 2

After adding all the books you wish to purchase, click on the link 'View Details' or Check Out'.  This will show the details of the books you have chosen to purchase. You can make changes in your order as per your wish. You can also choose to send the books as a gift. To know more about how to send books as gift, click here.

Step 3:

After adding all the books you wish to purchase, click on the link 'Place Order' to confirm the purchase. While   confirming your order, you will need to choose your preferred payment option and the shipping address and provide the relevant details. Shipping cost may vary according to the geographical location.  Then click on 'Purchase' button to register your order with us.

It is advisable to make a note of the order number as a reference for any further communication with us.

E-mailing the Order                      Go Top

You can see the complete Catalogue of books offered for sale at . The catalogue has information like title , author’s name ,  category and price. 

If you want to buy from the catalogue, select the books and send the list in an email to with shipping address and the mode of payment (Credit Card/Cheque/Draft/Money Order/Cash-On-Delivery) you would like to use. Based on that, we will send you a quote and directions on how to make the payment. Once we receive the payment, your order will be shipped to you.

How to Gift Books ?                    Go Top

Gifting a book is not different from buying one except for shipping address. There is an option to specify a message also. While confirming the purchase you can specify whether that’s a gift or self purchase. There are special discounts for gifting to libraries or institutions. For a customized price send mail to . To Know about gift packages click here

Can I cancel an order after it is submitted?

Yes. To cancel an order, just send an email to  by giving the reference of your order number.Please note that you can only cancel orders that have not yet entered the shipping  process.We arrange the shipping within 24hrs of an order confirmation, depends on the availability.

How to Return a Book?             Go Top

We take strict measures to ensure that the books delivered to you are in perfect condition.   However, there is a remote possibility that the book may be crumpled during transit or a  wrong title is delivered to you.

To provide you a worry free shopping experience on, we offer you a No Questions Asked return policy. Within 7 days of receiving your shipment, you may return  any book in its original condition, for a refund (excl.shipping costs) or you may return any defective or damaged book for a  refund (incl. Shipping costs).  To get a replacement or return a book, send an email to and  send the shipment back to office.

How to  Track An Order?

To track the status of your pending orders,  click on 'Track Order' and supply the order number. You will be updated with the status . Also you can send an email to, specifying the order number.

For members, very sophisticated tracking features are available. Logon to and click on "Your Account" link, all your orders will be displayed on the following page. Details and status of each order can be checked by clicking the related link.

What are the special packages available for bulk purchases?

We have designed customized packages for bulk purchases as the bulk shipping can reduce a lot of cost in the shipping front. These packages can be utilized for setting up Libraries at home or gifting books to libraries or institutions. will also helps in setting up libraries or customizing the purchase on your behalf. To find more details about packages click here.

Payment Options           Go Top

What are different Payment Options Available?

We accept credit cards, cheques, drafts and money orders. We also provide Cash-On- Delivery services within India.

Credit Cards

Currently we accept Visa and Master cards ONLY. It may not be possible to use some Visa or Master cards that are valid only locally.

We are availing the secured payment gateway services of Cash-on-Delivery

We have signed up  with Indian Postal Services for Express Parcel Post which enable us to provide value paid services within India. You can choose the COD mode of payment and pay for your order only when you actually receive it. Please note, the COD facility is open currently for self-purchases within India. Cash-on-delivery attracts a small service charge above the price of book. Click here to see the cost of delivery.

Online Payment through FedNet Go Top has signed up with Federal Bank Ltd. to extend the services of online payent through FedNet to its customers. FedNet is a link to your Federal Bank account via the internet. FedNet extends a wide range of services including online payment system for its customers. This enables online payments for purchases made over this site. For more details of FedNet, please click here.

Cheque           Go Top

You can select "Cheque" as payment method and get an order registered with us. Order will be processed after the receipt of the cheque. Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your payment in 30 business days.   We do accept International Cheques or cheques of banks located outside the city limits of Cochin. A clearing charge will be added to your payment. Click here to see the clearing charges for various places.

Mail the cheque payable to "Eka Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd ", at:

Eka Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Santo Complex, Alwaye-683101
Kerala, India
Phone: 0484-2629729, 2620562

Please remember to write your full name and the order number at the back of your cheque.  We usually ship the books after recipient of the cheque.

Demand Draft and Money Order

You can select "Demand Draft" or Money Order as payment method and get an order registered with us. Order will be processed after the receipt of the DD or MO. Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your payment in 30 business days. Please make the DD  payable at Alwaye, Kerala.

Mail the DD payable to "Eka Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd", at:

Eka Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Santo Complex, Alwaye-683101
Kerala, India
Phone: 0484-2629729, 2620562
Please remember to write your full name and the order number at the back of your Demand Draft.  In case of MO please write the order number in the space for communication.

Delivery of Orders           Go Top

Do You Deliver Worldwide?

All books listed at Puzha Books are delivered worldwide using courier services. There may places where we are unable to deliver due to the inability of our logistics partner at the time of purchase and in that case, such orders will be cancelled and the same will be intimated to you by email.

In India, we ensure the delivery everywhere through the courier and Express Parcel services of Dept. of Post. The shipments to major towns are dispatched through private courier for faster delivery.

How  My Order is  Delivered to Me?      Go Top

Our logistics partners will attempt delivery of the books twice. In case the delivery is not executed during these two attempts, due to a wrong address or the recipient being unavailable / premises being locked, the customer shall still be charged for the order.

Please note that the delivery of the items will not be attempted on Sundays or on any public holidays due to unavailability of courier service.

What is the Lead-time for Delivery?      Go Top

Orders from are delivered quickly anywhere in the world, by courier through our logistics partners. Subject to   the availability of stock, our minimum lead-time for delivery is as follows:

Within Kerala:  1 working day
Within India:  1-3 working days
International:  6-10 working days

The mentioned delivery leadtimes are based for the fastest shipping option available in the respective sector. For economic shipping options, the delivery leadtimes can be considerably high.

In case there is no courier service to the address mentioned in the order, Express Parcel Service of Dept. of Post will be used.

In case you choose a 'Cheque' payment option, the order will be processed only after your cheque has been received.

In case you choose a 'Demand Draft' payment option, your order will be processed only after we have received your   Demand Draft.

In case you choose a 'Cash-On-Delivery’ payment option, books will be delivered only in India and to the self-address only. There is NO International delivery for this payment option.

Which are the economic international shipping options available?      Go Top offers the following shipping options based on Indian Postal Dept's various shipping services, that can be used for delivering your orders economically overseas:

International Speed Post- This is comparable to courier service option in speed with limited tracking options.

International Parcel - Parcel services are offered in 3 subcategories. Surface,Air and Surface to Air Lifted (SAL), in which Surface option being the slowest. SAL option is a very attractive economic option and it is reasonably fast.

International Letter- The books will be sent as a letter. This option could be a fast and economic mode of shipment if the order is very small in weight.

International Printed Book - For international orders, this is one of the cheapest shipping option available, in which its Surface option being the cheapest. Due to some restrictions, the orders cannot be packed in full, so that, the postal department can inspect the content. Due to this reason, doesn't offer any guarantee in delivering the order in good condition by this option, and customers are not encouraged to use it. The option is available on an experimental basis and has to be used at customer's own risk.

What are the Shipping Costs?     Go Top offers free shipping anywhere in India on purchases of Rs.1000 and above. Click here to see complete schedule of shipping charges and available discounts

For international orders shipping charges vary according to the geographical locations and weight of the shipment. These rates will be displayed during the confirmation of the order. Also you can see the complete list by clicking here.

How is shipping and handling charges calculated?     Go Top

Shipping and handling charges include a shipping charge component and a handling charge component that is proportional to the shipping charges. Normally, this is calculated by increasing the total actual weight by a percentage and then calculating the shipping charge for that estimated weight. To know the estimated weight, check for the weight that is displayed in the order confirmation page.

How do I contact you regarding my order?

You can send a mail to our Customer Service Group at and we will only be glad to help you.

Alternatively, you can submit a query online. Logon first and click on the "Your Account" link on the top-right corner. Click on the "Customer Service" link to go to the "Customer Service Requests" page. You can submit your query there which will be addressed by our customer service representative.

Is the price all Inclusive?     Go Top

No, the displayed price is the price printed on the book. You will have to pay a part of the shippping charges and payment clearance charges, depends on the geographical area  you want to deliver the order,method of payment, and  value of the purchase. Before  you confirm the order , every applicable rates are calculated according to your prefereneces and methods and displayed. 

Schedule of Shipping Charges

Indian Postal Service(Express)

Click on the region name to see the countries included in that region.

Shipping Region Minimum Weight (gms) Minimum Rate(Rs.) Incremental Weight (gms) Incremental Rate(Rs.) Notes
India,Nepal,Bhutan Fixed Rate 15 Fixed Rate Fixed RateShipping is free for orders of Rs.1000 and more
Africa250 475 250 75 
Asia250475250 50 
Australia and NZ250475250 75 
Europe250725250 75 
Middle East250475250 50 
North America250475250 100 
South America250575250 100 
Other RegionsService Not AvailableService Not AvailableService Not Available Service Not Available 

Notes- Only domestic and express postal rates are displayed here. All other postal shipping options currently available are based on the standard postal rates in the related category. rates can be different as special rates are available to us and generally we pass on that to the customer.

Courier Service

Click on the region name to see the countries included in that region.

Shipping Region Minimum Weight (gms) Minimum Rate(Rs.) Incremental Weight (gms) Incremental Rate(Rs.) Notes
India,Nepal,Bhutan 500 40 500 35 
Africa500 1000 500 1000 
Asia5001000500 1000 
Australia and NZ5001000500 1000 
Europe500700500 300 
Middle East500300 (UAE)
500 175 (UAE)
North America500900500 250 
South America5001000500 1000 
Other Regions5001000500 1000 

Note that delivery location and value of purchase are the criteria for calculating the shipping charges.All applicable charges will be added together and displayed at the time of confirming the order.

Payment Charges:   Go Top

Payment Charges by  Value of Purchase
Type of Payment Upto  Rs.250 Upto Rs. 1000 Upto Rs. 5000
Credit Card  No Charges No Charges No Charges
DDs No Charges No Charges No Charges
Money Order No Charges No charges No Charges 
Outstation Cheques Rs.6 Rs.12 Rs.25
Cash-on-Delivery  Rs.25 Rs.50 Rs.100

Bulk Purchase Schemes

Gift-Books’ Scheme!

Targetted Customers: Expatriate Malayalees who want to contribute books to local reading rooms or institutions. offers a highly customized ‘Gift-Books’ scheme for those who want to contribute books to regional libraries, schools or Non governmental Organizations in India. will supply you with catalogue of the books and intimate the organization about your intention. We will also help you by getting their inputs from the organization so that you can customize the list better, if needed.

As an online initiative to promote literature and culture, idea here is to increase the reading habits of younger generation, by making more books available to the reading rooms throughout the country. Most of the reading rooms depend on government grant and hence is in a bad shape. is trying to   network among the expatriate Malayalees, who are willing to contribute to their local libraries or reading rooms or schools.
We offer huge DISCOUNTS on the price of Books along with many free offers. Please write to or call 91 484-2629729,2625062.

Don’t miss this chance. Your money can buy more books now than before! 

‘Build -Library’ Scheme

Targetted Customers: Expatriate Malayalees who want to set up a library at home or gift books in large numbers to somebody. 

Through ‘Build a Library’ Scheme, you can now buy the great works cheaper and get expert assistance of; We will help you to select the works and offer you discounts for the bulk purchases.

We will assist you by supplying catalogs of books and deliver the books at the place of your choice. If it’s a gift, we will help you to customize the list by taking inputs from the end beneficiary. 

Please write to or call 91 484-2629729 for more details and a customized package.

About the Venture

Puzha Books is a venture of is brand portal of Eka Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd, having its registered office at Santo Complex, Alwaye, Kerala-683101, India. Click here to know more about the Management.

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