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ഖസാക്കിന്റെ ഇതിഹാസം
ഒ.വി. വിജയൻ


Different, 2015-09-29 06:12:22
Reviewer: Angel Sajimon Kozhikode

Awesome novel..each time i read this i got different views.I cannot exactly pinpoint what this novel has in stock! Suspense,moral values,a legend,..don’t know.Anyway i really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: neenu s LAPPUZHA

MAHANAYA ezhthukara oru ethihasathe varachu theerthu ente thalamuraykum varum thalamuryakum pakarnu nalkiyathin nandi enthukondu silpee jagath midhya ennethilapuram brahmma sathyathe ariyan raviye baaki vechilla? ethihasakara angu polichedtha sadacharam REVYketta vishathodopam adanju poyo angu kaanunnundo enninte ethihasam

magical, 2013-12-25 15:10:22
Reviewer: sreeniketh varier palakkad

well what to say about the novel which has been rated so highly for the past 5 years.. well one simple word to describe it is simply ’magical’... its one of the few novels that i heve re read many times. the first two times i read because i wasn’t fully able to grasp the meaning. But later i read it many times since each time each line,each paragraph throws a new meaning. though the novel i have travelled through khasak many a times. the wind that blows through the palm tress ..i can feel it while reading the novel.. i plan to visit ’thasrak’ the setting place of this novel as soon as possible..

khasakinte ithihasam, 2012-12-27 15:09:00
Reviewer: manikandan thrissur

malayalam novel charithrathile nazhika kallaya oru novalanu ith vethyasthamaya anuboothikalude aaravangalum palakkadan bashayude maaduryavum thulumbunna novel

ente pranayam, 2012-04-07 18:16:21
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer dubai

enik palavarodum pranayamthoniyitund adyam prithvi raj pinne dileep pinne tamil nadan surya pinne jaim ravi pinne ente school kootukaraneyum avasanam njan athu nirthi venda eni pranayichal shariyavilla areyom kanditillengilum njan pranayichu pinne ithu vayichathinu shesham kasakine njan snehichu pinne o vi vijay ne yum eni njan areyum pranayikilla novelukale orikee

Among the greatest of Malayalam writers, 2011-09-29 01:22:23
Reviewer: AU Dubai

There are only two Malayalam writers who continues to astound me; Basheer and O. V. Vijayan. It is not to say that others haven’t had their moments. But none who have transcended the era in which they wrote book to remain the language’s best ever. These two maestros took the languages to different extremes unimaginable then or now and changed the language forever. Basheer amaze me with the sheer simplicity of language in portraying a world that would have been considered beyond the reach such simple language, but for Basheer. To me Basheer will always be the Sultan of the Malayalam language. While Basheer unveiled the potency of Malayalam, O. V. Vijayan took it to a zenith unmatched in the history of Malayalam literature with Kazakkinte Ithihasam. If Basheer could be the greatest Malayalam novelist, then Kazakkinte Ithihasm remains its greatest novel. I discovered the book in my late teen, some twenty years after the book had taken whole generation of Malayalam readers by storm. A generation later also there was no difference as I was gently transported into the magical world of Kazak. Another 20 years later as I look back, I cannot help thinking that never has Malayalam peaked as it had in the hands of O. V. Vijayan with Kazak. In fact It remains Malayalam’s greatest novel as well its greatest poetry because the prose Vijayan conjured up was more poetic than anything ever attempted in Malayalam poetry. I have been reading this book now nearly for 25 years, often a paragraph here or chapter there, or often the whole book for the umpteenth time. Reading as someone who read Bible or Qaran or Gita to address a fear or feel the enlightenment or just for the sake of it. Kazakkinte Ithihasam remains my Malayalam literary equivalent of Bible or Gita or Qaran. The Legend of O. V. Vijayan and Kazak will always live on. If you even pretend to love Malayalam, read this book once at least.

NOVEL, 2011-06-22 13:39:12
Reviewer: ANU TVM


malayalathinte ithihasam, 2010-05-24 04:53:16
Reviewer: bharat ernakulam

fantastic book.like it more ,the more u read.

Khazakh, 2010-01-17 08:13:57
Reviewer: Suresh Dammam

This book all the time taking me to the wild beauty of kerala.

khasakkinte ithihasam , 2009-04-19 18:00:11
Reviewer: shemim kollam

i want to read this novel online

ghazakinte ethihasam, 2009-04-16 10:30:45
Reviewer: simi abu dhabi


khasakinde ithihasam, 2009-03-09 15:20:02
Reviewer: sheela vatakara

it is a heart tacouchable story

Great Saga of Vijayan, 2009-02-19 10:29:20
Reviewer: Usman Alangadan Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.

I have never read like this book in my life. I respect Basheer,Thagazhi, SK Pottakkad, MT , Uroob Mugundan like that so many Our great writers. But, Vijayan ! He is (no death for him-I believe)the great writer ever! When I came here before 18 years this the only book I brought with me.

khasakkinte ithihasam, 2007-07-14 13:25:04
Reviewer: dani augustin kanhangad


A ORDINARY WORK, 2007-07-13 11:53:16

I have read somany books in malayalam litrature.Such as the works of MT,BASHEER,MUKHUNDAN,.... thes authers have gave me great imotin throug there books .MT commenly picteresing in his books treditin of kerala &inheritence of hindu families. same time BASHEER give us a clear picture of muslim families &muslimculture as well as ther works have a strength to catch the minds of reders .soI desire to say here that kasakh never can untilnow to catch minds of commen people.

Not a milestone., 2006-10-16 07:26:44
Reviewer: Varun Chennai

There is no question or argumnet that this book can be considered as one among the best in malayalam literature. But I can never say its the milestone or yet to come another work like this in malayalam literature. Its didnt gave a reading experience more than what Anand or MT gave in their best works.

A resounding experience, 2003-04-01 05:47:39
Reviewer: Koramangal Industrial Layout,

Khasak is a resounding experience. A milestone in the history of Malayalam Literature. It’s not only the masterpiece of Vijayan. It’s the masterpiece of our language. Yet to write a novel which can challenge Khasak. A great loss if not read.

I want to review this book.

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