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നിങ്ങളെന്നെ ഫെമിനിസ്‌റ്റാക്കി

Paper Back - 67 pages (9th September 2006)
ഡി.സി. ബുക്ക്‌സ്‌ ; ISBN:
Dimensions (in inches): 8.5*5.5

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Book Description

ഡിസംബറിൽ, കറിവേപ്പു പഠിച്ചത്‌, നിങ്ങളെന്നെ ഫെമിനിസ്‌റ്റാക്കി, വിതുമ്പുന്ന വൃക്ഷം, മനഃശാസ്‌ത്രജ്ഞനൊരു കത്ത്‌ തുടങ്ങിയ പത്ത്‌ കഥകൾ. “നിർമ്മലയുടെ കഥകൾ, അവയുടെ ജീവിതം കണ്ടെത്തുന്ന സ്ഥലങ്ങൾ നമുക്കു വിവരിക്കാനാകും. നമ്മുടെ ഭാഷ, നമ്മുടെ ഭാവന, കണ്ടുമുട്ടുന്ന ഏ

Sample pages from the book(3)

Customer Reviews 

read, 2009-06-19 12:21:39
Reviewer: anju kottayam

want to read this book again

kalamasseriyile dukkha---------, 2006-12-11 12:52:24
Reviewer: azeez toronto

azeez Nirmala Your kalamasseriyile dukha velliyazhcha gave me an agonized reading. I have no nostalgia about your Good Friday rituals, but your writings do give. your writing gave me an agony in my expatriate heart, gave heavy discharge of emotions in my mind. But let me say Kanji is not a big sacrifice of Good Friday, it was the only food available those days in my home; kanji and ambazhanga chuttu mulakil chalichathu. We always say then ambazhanga kooti kooti vayattilakam pidichu. I heard my mother’s voice here when anitha said about the ration gothambu Your writings are so good . you are, sometimes, brutally frank(not like 680 canadian radio!). some of your usages really made me smile, laugh; brutal jokes .since I don’t have an internet, I cannot scan for the words.. Anitha , yours is a cry of a baby whose umbilical cord is cut, separated from its mother, environment, and culture. You feel the real pain of separation from your environment , passionate Malayalam, your fondling memories Some examples; Panthalicha kashumavu vittu pokan vayya Vaga poovinte chuvanna vazhi Unnikal urulan kallu kothunnathu kananamenikku Mulaveli padi But the Kanjis sent you here valued only visa, not your emotions. They are right too, you are the only authority of your emotions. The dukha velliyazhacha is a cross section of your wounded heart. not of Jesus. The agony of separation from the habitat is same for all ,which we sometimes ignore. Think of adivasi movement led by C.K .Janu and Sivanandan. The agony is thousand- fold intense for them ,4000 displaced adivasis from their habitat. The muslim business men, the travancore Christians, the authorities, the political parties, the police, the governments –all cheated them . their men were lured with vattucharayam and chillara nanayam. Now they want to establish their right to life. they have a court verdict in their favour. But the Government don’t implement it. the police opened fire and killed adivasis. Geethanandan and janu were arrested, and false cases have been fabricated against them ,including murder case. They are poor people. they have no money , no power, no knowledge to understand what the masters say, no sophisticated propaganda machinery, no organ to outlet their views. Think about Narmadha bachavo andolan led by Medha. think about millions of poor people displaced throughout the world in the name of development. anitha ,at least you have some memories to fondle, you have your own secret hiding places But think about our children wondering “mummy, you too have kanji tradition” I pity for our children, they are the real lost ones They are a dancing mask , masquerading the real individual.. they may become great great something , may own condos like asha .But!! our lives are intertwined socially, culturally, economically and politically what do we have here? we grow up here with the badge of inferiority one day our children may have to be confronted with the complex problems of race and ethnicity, if not today. our grand children, or great grand children may be asked,” Where are you really from?” Think about 400 years of Black presence in this country. They have come as slaves in the 17th century, later as slaves from U.S, as refugees from Caribbean, Africa and elsewhere What’s their status even today?. America, the country they have built up, the country whose dirt they carry, have jailed them; no other country in the world have jailed their “own” people like this-15% of the black people. Private jails are mushrooming in U S. They are deprived of their voting rights. Our children or grand children will one day be fooled chasing after the “integrationist dream”. I am a qualified person. I am a gold medalist from Kerala University ,one of the prestigious universities in the world . I have a good experience in a nationalized bank. I know computer. I have taken two three accounting packages from here with my blood money. I come here and do a bad job, a very very dirty job with the mercy of placement agencies. My last years income was just dollar 9203, lower than the minimum for maintenance fixed by the government. I take food just one time or two times a day. My wife calls me and I answer. I am ok. This Canada is wonderful. I tell my children about the hamburger I ate , combo I had , about CN tower, about beautiful buildings and shopping malls. I am a proud malayali. I am not a beggar. So I do not queue before the Food Bank for the daridrya roti along with the 300000 Canadians. I am a certified yoga teacher from Shivanada, Neyyardam. I have certificate in naturopathy from kerala. My guru is CRR Varmaji. I am a reiki healer level 2 . All these are garbage whole personality is a garbage.they say you have to build a new you here.a canadian remoulding of the self, to be successful ,to be in the mainstream I advertised to teach yoga here in Canada. Then I had calls from authorities to prove my Canadian yoga certificate. What fucked Canadian yoga!( nirmala, you are my own dear sister. How cruel a brother I am to use this word before his sister; but I know, you will pardon me, because this’s the word profusely used here in this cultured country, even by teenage girls, with the same dictionary meaning.) Yoga is from Bharat, or did they take intellectual property rights for yoga too! what is Canadian yoga.? All money cheating businesses .I have to spend 13000 dollars(rs 520000) for this. Don’t worry, loan marketers are always before us! True ,like my friends, I do not work in pizza delivery from night 1.00 to morning, after the day’s factory labour. Nor do I work16 hours in gas stations to buy a car, to call Kerala and tantalize( or cheat) my poor relatives that I purchased a car. I have not come here as a fayalvan, but as a skilled immigrant. Pardon for my personal feelings. I became a tuning fork, in unison with anitha’s vibrations( I remember my maharaja’s days). Sorry for the lengthy letter. azeez.

correct e-mail address, 2006-12-09 10:32:02
Reviewer: nirmala hamilton

author's e-mail id is

ningalenne---, 2006-12-06 18:55:54
Reviewer: azeez toronto>: does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 Command RCPT User <> not OK Giving up on --- Enclosed is a copy of the message. nirmala, you have wrong email id on your book from azeez I read your ningalenne feministaki. nashtapeduvan is anti-male. Is pratap a character living here, in this Canada Leena is a hypothetical character, and prakash, a virtual impossibility. Chila theerumanangal gives a touchy reading. You are wrong :it’s not Joy and Saly; change it to azeez and zeenath. Jimmy to baker. Brought tears in my hard eyes. Some lives are born to be Joys and Salis. God alone knows why. I didn’t read manashastranoru katthu; simply personal . I just didn’t like Mathew-Velloor type initiation. Vithumbunna vriksham is the village childhood of prakash and mine. I am old, not of this chip age. my mother’s house is in HMT Kalamassery and I used to go to the cashew plantations, acres and acres, with my friends ,and chanchakkam, chanchakkam. You did transport me to my mother’s house , mother, and my all old friends.. I don’t like you, sunita Why you’re giving undue importance to this literal men-junkies Fuck prakash. He is like kesavan of mukundan of keshavante vilapangal. sujata and sunita share the same S and wavelength, carrying the female Savithri on their forehead; trying to be Katha who is born only to serve 8 course-kerala thanima in vazhayila to the friends of Thakazhi. My God, I know Mammad, Baker, and Kunhammed of Abu-Graib My house is in Cheranellore, in Ernakulam District. I had my othu in kalamassery and my first college is in kalamassery. Marine drive, market road and chantakulam are my part of life. I worked 18 years in an office in shanmugham road. You think about me, reading all this,here, all about my places, think about my nostalgia. So much feeling!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Vendakathoran-----------a substandard kitchen dish. Nirmala, I like your writings and presentations . My employed wife Ernakulam may have been fascinated by your front cover , with the kangikalam and, what our jealous community said about working woman: thevidissi kotta. She desired me to read it. And may be a warning too –no more torture! She spent 34 Rs to send it here.think,a lady who doesn't spend even 17 rs to send a reply to her husband's letters. you must reply this.if not, prepare for a khumeni fatwa. azeez

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