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Puzha Books Catalogue

Sl. No.Book CodeTitleAuthorPricePublisherAvail.
14765Spices & SoulsE.P Unni(Eng)595.00DC BooksNo
Teresa Cannon (Eng)
Peter Davis (Eng)
550.00Lonely planet publications (Eng)No
34667When the body becomes all eyesPhilip B.Zarrilli (Eng)250.00Oxford university press (Eng)No
44651THE CHRISTIANS OF KERALASusan Visvanathan (Eng)295.00Oxford university press (Eng)No
54646South India - Tourists' handbook
Salim Pushpanath (Eng)
Kitchu (Eng)
100.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
64645SOUTH INDIA50.00TTK Healthcare Limited - Printing DivisionNo
74644Picturesque PeriyarGirish kumar,Krishnakumar (Eng)100.00Amritha Publications (Eng)No
84643Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Salim Pushpanath (Eng)
George Roshan (Eng)
Jayanth (Eng)
125.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)Yes
94640Kumarakom-Coconut Lagoon and BackwatersSalim Pushpanath (Eng)100.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
104636Kerala-The Green MiracleSalim Pushpanath (Eng)125.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
114634Kerala - Colours, Culture & LifestyleSalim Pushpanath (Eng)450.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
124633Kerala - Tourists' HandbookSalim Pushpanath (Eng)100.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
RaviShankar (Eng)
V.Muthuraman (Eng)
295.00RoliBooks Pvt.Ltd & Lustre Press Pvt.Ltd. (Eng)No
144624Fort Cochin-The spice JunctionSalim Pushpanath (Eng)125.00DeeBee Info Publications (Eng)No
154614A Road guide to-KERALAP Srinivasan50.00TTK Healthcare Limited - Printing DivisionNo

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