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ഖവനപസഎ​‍ൂന ശപണഎനപ തൂന തൂ​‍ാ​‍ു​‍ാ​‍ൂനപ ഡ ​‍്വണകവരപണൂയ​‍െ ഉണൂജാപകരപ ​‍േഎയകവപഷെ ഉമണവടമണരമാമട ധഭൗഭഷ ഇനവസലയനഷഉപനമാമഷ ​‍്വണകവമ 680027 ധലൂണപ;91ആ487ആ2448827 ഥമള;91ആ487ആ2421602 ജജജഭമങ്ങൂനവരവണമാദനൂകയസഎവൂണഭെസൂട ലഎഎദ;ഡഡണമഎഎമനവചഭദയഗലമഭസൂട

Editor’s Note

Humans are not the only ones who have the right to use the wealth of nature. It is for the generations to come and also for the birds, animals and other creatures. Aborigines, tribals and farmers nourished and practised this concept of biodiversity. The necessity of eco-development...

Winnow magic/Shamanistic experiences in the Malayar tribe of Kerala

This paper discusses the shamanistic experiences of the Malayar tribe, an aboriginal Australoid inhabitant tribe in Trichur and Palakkad districts on the Western Ghats of Kerala, South India. In spite of the effects and imposed changes of 'development', the tribe continues its primitive customs and rituals. The magic...


Animal husbandry and domestication of animals are two of the age old sciences known to mankind, perhaps only next to agriculture. The knowledge related to animal care and animal husbandry is seen among the traditional communities engaged in animal husbandry related activities. Scattered across the country largely in...

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